A Sharp Dressed Man

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

What man doesn't want to look fabulous on his wedding day? Kevin shares his best tips!

Get that James Bond look and feel without breaking the bank. Featured tuxedo: Ultra Slim Berkeley by Michael Kors

Fit Matters

Even an inexpensive suit can look stunning and high-end if it fits correctly. It's so important to visit the store and get custom fitted for your rental or purchased tuxedo. The shirt sleeve should fit at the base of your wrist, the coat sleeves should fall half an inch above. Your pants should have one small break. Getting your fitting allows you to try on your suit with the shoes you will be wearing. It's the little details that add up to the proper fit.

Your StyleNot one jacket style fits all! Tall thin men look best in a thin lapel while a broader man can pull off a wider lapel. Both are in fashion and with all the amazing looks and choices available to guys today, so pick what looks best on you!

Your StyleKevin wants you to remember it's your BIG day too guys! It's okay to break the rules. Traditionally you wouldn't have worn a straight tie with formal-wear but if you like it go for it! We have so many options as far as tie styles, widths, patterns and colors so put your personality into it.

Stepping OutMost guys want to choose a tuxedo shoe to get that high end look. These shoes are usually made of patent leather but you can also choose the shiniest black shoe you can find. Another great option is a pointed toe oxford in a brown leather with a navy tuxedo. Remember, you can always incorporate your style even if that means your "outside the box" in a pair of Converse!


No matter what your style or look.............coordination is key! Consider the colors and look of your wedding and work some of those elements subtly into your look. If pearls are a big part of the wedding wear some pearl toned cuff links and maybe a Ivory toned tie with a pearl like finish and a soft pattern.

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How about this for showing your style and personality!

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