Should you do a first look?

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

We talk with so many brides while helping them find their perfect dress. One question that always seems to come up is whether or not they will be doing a "first look".

Bridals and Beyond bride Haley's first look at their vow renewal!

Being in the moment

Some brides tell us that having the first look helps them to be fully present in the ceremony. When talking with them after their BIG day they stated they felt more relaxed when walking down the aisle. We have had several brides tell us they used that first look time to pray and really focus on the moment as a couple.

Element of surprise

One of the biggest reasons most brides don't have a first look is to maintain the element of surprise. Couples are doing so much of the wedding planning as a team and all those decisions don't leave any room for surprise. A lot of couples tell us that they don't want to see each other after the rehearsal dinner and actually go their separate ways so they can elevate the level of surprise at the time of the ceremony.

The look on Jack's face says it all!


We asked a few of our photographer friends what they thought.

A first look allows:

  1. More daylight hours for shooting purposes

  2. More photos can be done prior to the ceremony

  3. The couple has more time to engage with guests

  4. It can calm their nerves allowing them to appear more relaxed in photos

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